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Need help with relationships

Question asked by jb362 on Jan 22, 2013
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Need help with relationships




        Tenant:Tenant ID_PK

             Park::Park ID_fk


        Park:Park ID_PK

             System Variable::System Variable ID_fk

System Variable

        System Variable:System Variable ID_PK

             Month Number::Month Number ID_fk

Month Number

        Month Number:Month Number ID_PK

             Month Number::Month Year

     In the Relationships dialog all four tables are related (foreign key is the many side table).

     In the Edit Relationship dialog each table w/ the Blah::ID_fk has the box checked to allow for creation of records…

     I am unable to get the Month Year variable to print on the layout and the same is true for any variable in the System Variable table.

     What am I missing?

     Thanking you in advance for your insight,