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Need Help with Report View Based on Join Table

Question asked by brianquillin on Jul 25, 2013
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Need Help with Report View Based on Join Table


     I need a report based on my EVENT DETAILS (join table) to display the following information in each row:

     Contact Name  |  Event Name  |  Season Contribution Amount  |  (and other things that are working)

     The following tables are at work here - CONTACTS::contact_id ---< EVENT DETAILS (join table) >---EVENTS::event_id

     I also have CONTACTS::contact_id ---< CONTRIBUTIONS::contact_id (and a series of other tables)


     Each event has a "season" field (ie. 2012, 2013, etc); Each contribution record also has a "season" field.  My problem (I think) is that these two "season" fields aren't related at all in my current structure.

     When I run this report, I need to see the contact's season total (I've already got that calc field) where the contribution season = the event season.

     Everytime I attempt to place another TO of CONTRIBUTIONS (either connected to EVENT DETAILS (join table) or EVENTS, I end up with either no data or valid data that references the wrong season (and it's always the first season someone ever contributed so its pulling the first record found - evidently)...  

     Sorry for the confusion in advance... Any help is greatly appreciated... Attaching a snippet of the cobweb also...  (I have removed my previous TO mistakes from the screen shot)