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Need Help with script to create records for histogram

Question asked by Nerico_1 on Oct 18, 2010
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Need Help with script to create records for histogram


I'm very new to scripting and need help creating a script that will generate records one table based on the data on an existing table.  The end result is to be able to create e histogram of exam grades.  Since each exam has a different number of questions, the possible scores (percent correct) for each exam will vary.  The main grades table has all student scores.  The second table just has 3 fields, a foreign key to identify the particular exam, a field to capture each of the actual scores and a field to keep count of each score.

For example, the most recent exam has:

3 records with 66.67%

4 records with 68.75%

2 records with 70.83%

etc... till

6 records with 100.00%

these are the values that would go into the count and score fields on this second table, respectively.

Any help on creating a script for this will be much appreciated.  Even help in letting me know whether I'm even going about solving this problem in a useful manner vs. making things more complicated than they need to be would be great.  I've tried so many dead ends, my head is about to explode.