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Need help with search and related data issue

Question asked by macwasp on Feb 24, 2010
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Need help with search and related data issue


I posted the topic below a while back when I was using FMP7.  Now I have FMP11 and would appreciate some help in following through on a suggestion made by one of the contributors. He/She said "Another option, a somewhat simpler one, is to use a table of years with a global gCustomerID field to summarize the sales values by year for the selected customer - but you need to keep the global synchronized to the currently viewed customer. This is easy to do in version 10, but in previous versions it means restricting the user to scripted navigation."


So how does this work in 11?  I want to produce a browse screen where I can scroll from one customer to the next.  Each time a portal or lookedup field with total sales data for a given year is updated, so company x 2005 $100, 2006 $200, 2007 $300 etc. then the next customer etc.


Can I create a field within my sales revenue database (customers are in a separate file for a number of reasons) that summaries annual sales for a given year against a unique customer id?



Hi, I'm using FmPro 7 on XP to build a sales analysis database and I need some help with data filtering and presentation. Here's the setup; There are two files; the first is a list of customer name and address details (customer) , the second has the customer name and product purchases over the past four years (sales). The files are related by a unique customer_id field. The relationship works fine and in a portal I can list and review sales data from the other file. What I want to do is display a total sales figure for each year of business in the customer file - whilst in browse mode. So for company ABC Ltd I could see 2007 Sales $XXX, 2008 Sales $XXX, etc all on the one screen. I've setup an annual_sales summary field in sales but this either gives me the total for the file or the total based on a Find query. How can I create a field for each business year that shows me the total sales individually for each customer, that can then be viewed in customer?