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Need Help with Simple Calculator!

Question asked by MacMcAhren on Sep 19, 2012
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Need Help with Simple Calculator!


     Project = Rate Calculator

     Filemaker Experience = Total Newbie


     I am attempting to create a simple rate calculator. This would be pushed to Filemaker Go for use on iPads and iPhones in the feild.

     Calculator would take into account 11 different rate values. I have created a Rate Master database with the feilds "Rates" "Amount" and "Travel" and populated the feilds.

     I have created a "Rate Calculator" database. This is where the problems begin.........

     I need the calculator to visualy display the following

     "Rates" - This should be a pull down list, that displays the "Rates" from "Rate Master" database

     "Hours" - This should be a user input value.

     "Hourly Total" - This should be a calculation of the "Amount" that corresponds to the "Rates" chosen above * the "Hours" above.



     "Travel Fee" - this should be a radio button or pull down with the choice of "Yes" or "No"

     "Travel Amount" - this should display a $0 if pull down above is chosen "No" or it should pull the "Travel" record from the corresponding "Rates" chosen above from the "Rate Master" database.


     "Total" - should be a calculation of the "Hourly Total" + "Travel Amount" 


     I have done a simple layout of the "Rate Calculator" ... I have attempted to do the relationships of the database. I have told it to pulls from the corresponding feilds or databases.

     I cannot get it to work.

     Everytime I try to use it, I get  "No records are present. ....." error. If I create a blank record in the calculator (Which I do not need it to make records, I just need it to do simple calculations. I do not want it to record the calculations) then the pulls downs do not work, and it fails to do any calculations.

     Can someone HELP PLEASE??!! What am I missing?? 

     As I said earlier, I am a total newbie, so I know it s probably something simple, but I probably wont understand your explanation of "check the relational links between the databases and put in a if (asdasd::asdasd) command. Please try to make it understandable by a first time Filemaker user. I would even be willing to pay someone to finish the work/links or whatever it takes to get the darn thing to work!!