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Need help with specific report design

Question asked by whardy7 on Mar 4, 2010
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Need help with specific report design


I need to print a complex report on 4x6 cards, so real estate is a premium. It is a project for a non-profit hospice-type group. 

Here is the design simplified: 
Households: ID_HH, LastName 
FamilyMembers: ID_FM, ID_HH, FirstName, Category (related to HouseHolds through ID_HH)
Visits: ID_VI, ID_FM, Date, Notes (related to FamilyMembers through ID_FM)

I need to print each household on a separate card and include the household data, then list a family member with any visits they have received (there may or may not be a Visit record for that family member), then the next family member and related visits, etc. I also need to be able to print only those family members in a given health category. 

I have racked my brain trying to do this different ways. I would appreciate any help in accomplishing this. Let me know if I am missing any vital information to describe the project.