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    need help with tables



      need help with tables


      I have a database of students which was created by someone else, and in a related table there are names of people responsible for the student files, which show up in a . I need to add names into that table of responsible people, but I cannot find a way to access that table in order to add records to it. I can change the fields, but I need to change what's in the fields. If anyone has tips on where to look I would be very grateful.

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          Thank you for your post.


          Pull down the File menu and select "Manage > Database..."  You will now have access to your tables, fields, and relationships. You can make any changes to the structure of the file here.  Click OK to return to the file.


          Pull down the View menu and select "Layout Mode...".  This allows you to see how the fields are constructed on the form.  Under the Layouts menu, select "New Layout/Report..."  This creates a new form.  At the top of this dialog box, it prompts you for which table you want to view fields.  Select the other table you want to add records to.  


          Once you have the form set up, return to Browse mode, and you can add records to this other table.  To return to the original table, click the appropriate layout listed in the drop down on the upper left above the record numbers and book icon.


          If you run into any difficulty, or need clarification for anything above, please let me know.



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            Hi TSGal,


            Thank you for your help. I managed to add names to the table in the extra layout I created, but the information that I added does not automatically go into the appropriate fields like it did before. The names and information do not show up in the other layouts. Do you have any tips on how to get this to work?

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                 Hi TSGal, nevermind my last question, I figured it out. Thank you for your help!