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Need help with tabs

Question asked by DanielClark on Jan 25, 2011
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Need help with tabs


I setting up a tab control in one of my layouts and i have put a bunch of text on the first tab (there are three in total). In layout mode, when I switch between tabs, the text goes away and a blank tab slate is brought up when I switch to my second or third tabs. This is expected as I have only put stuff on my first tab.

However, when I exit layout mode and enter in normal browse mode - the text and objects that I only put in my first tab are now on all the tabs. Additionally, if I add an object or text to the second or third tab in layout mode, it shows up on all of the tabs in browse mode as well. So even though I'm switching from tab to tab, I'm always seeing the same objects.

What's the deal here? I'm clearly missing something obvious. Thanks.