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    Need help with this one please



      Need help with this one please


      I have three modules in DB, each is a database but being treated as a table. The first module is the general work area and requires a password. It is called "Incidents". The second module is called "Housekeeping" and the third is called "guards". The first logon is a general user logon and password. This works. I need to be able to force a Different logon and password ie., a (supervisor) logon and password for the 2nd and 3rd module. I have tried all sorts of things in scripts etc but cant seem to get it to work. Perhaps it cant be done. I am using version 8 pro advanced.


      Any help with this would be much appreciated.

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          Thank you for your post.


          For clarification purposes, I'm reading you have three separate files: Incidents.fp7, Housekeeping.fp7 and Guards.fp7.  When you login with an Account Name and Password, that information is stored internally.  When you try to open the second file, FileMaker Pro will try the Account Name and Password used on the first file, and if it doesn't work or isn't valid, you should be prompted for the Account Name and Password.  It sounds like the Account Name and Password is being used for the second and third file.  If this is the case, you may want to remove this same Account Name and Password from the Housekeeping.fp7 and Guards.fp7 files.


          If I misread your post, and all three tables are in the same file, then the Account Name and Password will be valid for the entire file.  However, if you set up your account privileges properly, you can set it so the Housekeeping and Guards table are not viewable unless the Supervisor Account Name and Password is entered initially when accessing the Incidents table.



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