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Need Help with this Tax input problem

Question asked by ChristopherMoran on Jul 24, 2011
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Need Help with this Tax input problem


Ok, first off, someone else created this Database and did all the scripting and so on... NOT ME

Then he got fired for being lazy

So being an MCP and having my Comptia A+ certs i decided to step in and help this company out

So here's the problem, as the pictures describe we manually input a customer's name and address, upon typing in the STATE and moving to the next feild, which would be "Zip Code" ... the form AUTOMATICLY inputs and calculates the tax! Wow awesome! here's the catch, the tax rate(s) may be wrong... only one we've found to be wrong is California's which is currently 9.75 and the form puts 8.50

To make it even worse, when i try to MANUALY put in the tax rate i get an error staing something like "There has been an error cause this field can not be modified".. I'll pay better attention to it next time

I need some help figuring out either WHERE the form is getting it's information so i can change it, or if there's other options... Thank you