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Need help writing script to integrate barcode scanning

Question asked by NiceData on Oct 12, 2012
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Need help writing script to integrate barcode scanning


     Looking for help or willing to pay someone to help us integrate our barcode scanner with Filemaker Pro. Our project starts next week and its a very simple application. We just have a very low level knowledge of Filemaker scripting and need this done asap. We don't have much time to try to learn this ourselves.

     This is the barcode scanner we're working with:

     And this is a tutorial that may help in figuring out how to integrate that particular scanner with Filemaker:

     Here's the outline of what we need done:

  1.           Run script
  3.           Filemaker enters Find mode and goes to ID field to await barcode input
  5.           We scan item's barcode ID
  7.           Filemaker then searches for that item and then inputs some pre-defined text into a few fields for that item
  9.           Filemaker then returns to find mode and awaits another barcode input

     I actually already have a script made to input the pre-defined text into various fields, however, I don't know how to tell filemaker to respond to the barcode nor how to repeat the script so we don't have to keep running the script over and over again.