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NEED HELP! =) Thanks in advance.

Question asked by TaylorWilliamson on May 20, 2013
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NEED HELP! =) Thanks in advance.


     Hey Filemaker Gurus! I got a question for you all..

     What is the best way for me to get this down... Here is the scenario:


     We have a database that contains all of my members and their respective data. Everyday we have to take our class roll and import it into FileMaker. There are 3 things that can happen. 1) There is a match based on ID # and the records are either updated with more recent data or there is simply just a match; 2) There is no match and a new record is added or 3) Someone dropped the class. They are in our records but not in the imported file anymore. I need to script or do something that updates a field to say "DROPPED" (if we have a recorded but not in the imported excel file) or "ENROLLED".

     Any Ideas?

     Thanks in advance!