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Need Help!!!

Question asked by BarryMillenson on Jan 10, 2012
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Need Help!!!



 I recently upgraded to File Maker Pro 11.  So far all of my files have converted over.  I am having trouble with one of my reports that calculates an average for me.  The best way I can describe it is I use this report for a automobile dealership.  We enter each customers purchase.  One of the fields is for finance reserve.  I have it set up to do a report that totals the finance reserve of all the customers and then gives me an average.  This worked fine with my previous version of FM Pro.  What is happening now is if the finance reserve field is left blank (which does happen if it is a cash deal) it does not calculate this deal into my average.  If I enter a 0.00 into the field it will count it.  The problem with entering the 0.00 is that we also calculate how many Finance deals there are as a percentage of Total deals.  When I enter 0.00 it ends up showing me 100% Finance penetration and I know this is not correct.   My field that is used for this is called AVGFIN it is set up as a summary field that is set to Average Total Finance Income Weighted by Constant.

I hope I have not made this to complicated.

Thanks if you can help me.