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    Need Help: Create and Email PDF



      Need Help: Create and Email PDF


      1) Using FileMaker 10

      2) Mac OS 10.6 and Windows

      3) The database is used by multiple people in FileMaker over the internet.  Some people will be accessing the database using their internet browser


      4) Here's is what I am trying to do:


      We have a page on the database where multiple email addresses are entered.  After the email addresses are entered, we are trying to make it so you can click on a button and FileMaker will automatically create a PDF of that page (layout) and email the PDF as an attachment through FileMaker to all of the recipients listed in the first sentence of this paragraph.  People using Macs and PCs will be using this feature.  In addition, they are accessing the FileMaker database over the internet and they are using FileMaker.


      5) My level of experience with FileMaker is Novice 

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          Thank you for your post.


          How are the email addresses entered?  Is each email address in a separate record?  Is each email address in one field?  If so, is there any separation between the email addresses?


          If the email addresses are in one field and separated by a separator that your email program recognizes (comma or semi-colon? ), then all you need to do is use the Send Mail script command and reference that field in the "To" section.  Prior to that, Print to PDF, and in the Send Mail script command, include the PDF file as an attachment.


          If the email addresses are in separate records, then you'll possibly need a looping script to send each person a copy of the attachment.  If the attachment is the same for every user, then you can use the original script above but be sure to check the option for "Multiple emails (one for each record in found set) ".


          Let me know if you need clarification for any of the above steps.



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