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Need help: script to automate barcode scanner

Question asked by xtremu on Aug 5, 2010
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Need help: script to automate barcode scanner


Hi All,

I am using FM Pro 11 advanced and I'm preparing the database for the gate entry of the school. I have two tables, the student table that holds data of the students and the history table that holds the time in and time out of the student in the portal which in place at the student table or layout. I have a fieldname Student Number, field that trigger for the barcode which is correspond to the barcode that I printed.

I used Symbol LS9208 omni directional barcode scanner in the database and I tried it, what I did is to press the Ctl F and place the cursor to the student name field and start scanning and fortunately it works, student informations are displayed in my interface. Please try to figure out that after opening the file, it will automatically perform the task by waiting student ID with student number barcode to scan.

My problem is how to automate this task and not by using the Ctrl F command and place cursor to the student number field manually, is there any script for this or any relation or additional field to be created before it will works? 

Thanks in advance.