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Need helping figuring out how to make this work..Complete newbie

Question asked by Bcannon on Jun 21, 2009
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Need helping figuring out how to make this work..Complete newbie


I've used Filemaker for years, first time trying to design a database. So please be patient if this comes easy to you. 


I've tried for the last week trying to figure out how to make this work properly, so let me explain what I am trying to do and hopefully some of you know the best was to do it.


I manage a 4 bands(projects) full time and essentially I am trying to build a contact management database for all the people that I know in the music industry that are related to my bands. Additionally, if the contact has generated press or whatever for particular bands, I want to be able to copy and paste notes and put them in a note section that is limited to a particular artist. So I'm completely lost at the very basic, relationship level.. trying to figure out how one table links to another.


After numerous, back to the drawing board moments, I've given up.. This was the last draft of tables that I had...



 Company ID

Company Name

Company Type


Phone Number




Contact ID

First Name

Last Name


Phone Number





band ID

band name



Involvement ID

contact ID

band ID


So then I linked Company name from -Companies- to company in -Contacts-

and then linked contact id from -contacts- to contact id in -involvement- and finally linked project id from -involvemen- with project id from -projects-


I know this is probably very basic, but I really don't know where to go from here.