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Need ideas on surveying vendors online

Question asked by etanadjaja on Aug 17, 2011
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Need ideas on surveying vendors online


Hi all,

Currently we've been surveying vendors using an excel spreadsheet that we emailed out to each vendor to enter information about their products and supplier sources. Then we upload these returned spreadsheets into our filemaker file after cleaning up the inconsistencies in the data entry.

This is obviously very tedious, labor intensive, and very time consuming. We also have to do this periodically to get update on anything that changes.

Is there a way to create a survey online so each vendor can enter the information online with their own account name? Also allowing them to see what they entered in the past and update it with new data and also add new data for new products?

Online survey is a new teritory for me with Filemaker, so I'd like to hear what are my options.

Thank a lot!!!