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    Need Info on IWP



      Need Info on IWP


      Can you access a Filemaker Pro database at the office from a computer outside the office network? If so how?

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          There are many ways to connect to your database. Do you have Filemaker Server Advance? Filemaker server or just Filemaker Pro (client only). The easiest way is to VPN (security) into your office and connect the database with a Filemaker Pro client on your local computer. For better speed you can use Terminal Services or Remote desktop but this require some advanced knowledge of configuring Windows but is well worth the effort.


          Alternatively you could use Instant web publishing with either Filemaker Pro (limited to 5 users) or Filemaker Server Advanced (100 users). Filemaker Server does not support Instant web publishing (IWP). Using IWP will require that you modify your solution to some extent (not all script steps are supported on the web) but all in all IWP is suprisingly good. You could also use Custom Web Publishing (CWP) but this is probably not what you are looking for. Please note that IWP and CWP require web hosting software (IIS/Apache) firewalls etc....

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            Further to allotrope's suggestions:


            - you can have your 'normal' computer running inside your network, and log on to it remotely from anywhere using Remote Desktop, for example - though I find using LogMeIn is flawless and an absolute snap.   You will have full Filemaker functioning (as FM is running on your 'normal' computer) from anywhere in the world, using only a web-browser. And you will not have the limitations of IWP.  You do not need 'FM Server' to do this.


            - If the remote computer you are using outside your network has Filemaker installed on it then you can log on to your Filemaker files even if they are hosted inside your network by another 'Client' version of Filemaker (ie: not even 'Server'). You again will have full Filemaker functioning - because Filemaker is running on the computer you are using locally.


            - To do the second you need to set up port forwarding on the network's router.   If that's what you want to achieve then I can post the key steps to setting it up (or check in this forum for a previous post).


            HTH some more,