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Need looping solution

Question asked by JimM_1 on Aug 1, 2011
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Need looping solution


I tried to deal with this in Excel but came up lacking. I’m sure this involves a loop but it’s been awhile since I used a loop at all. I’m using Filemaker 11

I have an Excel spreadsheet that has about 350 CD Titles. Each CD has multiple tracks from 12 to 100+. So there are approx. 350 CD’s and about 12,000 total tracks (records).

I have to come up with codes for each CD Title and then insert the code into every record (track) according to what CD they belong to. If I do this in Excel, I can filter by unique records and then manually apply the codes to every first occurrence of a CD Title – and then use drag pasting to get the codes onto all of the tracks. Very time consuming.

In Filemaker I need to use a loop (I believe) to place a CD code that increments by 001 for every unique occurrence of a CD Title (I’m using ‘XR001, XR002…..XR211, XR212, Etc.). That at least takes care of numbering each unique CD Title. If I can include it in the process, I’d also like to insert the CD code into the appropriate tracks for each CD.

After I’m done with this I have to export it out to Excel again for ingestion (import) into a SQL database.

So I need to have some help with a loop as I kinda know how that will work, but don’t have a complete process in hand.