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Need many to many help (maybe just a hint)

Question asked by JeffDening on Jan 27, 2011
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Need many to many help (maybe just a hint)


I am making a customer tracking system and running into some difficulty in understanding the mechanics.  I have discarded using pre-fab templates as I would require enough customization and tweaking that I may as well do it myself from scratch.

I have a Work Order table and a Repair Task table that (to my understanding) should be in a many-many relationship.  I have made a Line Item join table to fit in between but...

1. Do I need the line item table to have a new record to correspond with each new Work Order?

2. If so, what sort of fields should I focus on to make the relationship through?  I keep ending up with a relationship graph that is anything but many-many with a join table in the middle.  Maybe the visual of the graph doesn't matter as long as it works?

I have many other questions but those 2 will be a good starter.