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Need Monthly Summaries and Year to date Summaries in Same layout

Question asked by TerryJPM on Apr 4, 2009
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Need Monthly Summaries and Year to date Summaries in Same layout




I'm using the trial to determine whether to go with the Mac Filepro or do all sorts of nasty things to my mac so I can run Windows and Access.  (trying to recreate a database I have in windows.)  For my business each client has at least two records per month, often four or five.  The records show money received or spent on client's behalf--an amount in one of five numeric records.  I need for each month's bill to contain a listing of the records for that month, a summary for the month of each of five numeric fields, and  the total year to date for each numeric field. 

Like this:


Suzy Client                              Income        Expense       Net

02/21/09            Rent              1600                              1600

02/28/09            mgt. Fee                             128           -128

02/28/09            Lawn Svc                              30             -30

Feb. Total                                1600              158           1442

YTD Total                                3200              349            2851



I'm able to get the February total, but not the YTD Total.  To get the feb total, I did a find for 02/01/09..02/28/09 and then my layout is from those records.  The summaries are computed by client code.  To get the year to date totals, I'd have to get the summaries from my original table, the one that shows all records.  I just haven't found a way of doing that.  Another thought is to save the original table under a different name and then use the summaries from that.  I tried that, but the summaries don't print. (I pulled the fields with the portal tool.)  I'm obviously new to File maker, but have done a bit of work in access.  My constraint right now is that my 90 days with Apple for tech support will run out in 2.5 months.  I would like to know that this works because otherwise I need to get the virtual windows, or boot camp or something like that and I'm afraid I'll be burning up the wires to get that to work.

Thanks for any help you can give me.