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Need Music Library Script to Read CD, Automate Data Entry, Lookup Data via CDDB

Question asked by TerryC.Moore on Mar 7, 2011


Need Music Library Script to Read CD, Automate Data Entry, Lookup Data via CDDB


Need to replace MyMusic Personal Librarian 3.1 (Mac)
My Music lets you create your own music library. My Music is a powerful database program designed to help you maintain an inventory of your music collection. While some programs choose to focus on the world of MP3, My Music envelops the music collector's entire resource library.My Music has a comprehensive set of data fields for both albums and tracks, enabling you to catalog a wide range of information: artist, album title, format (CD, LP, cassette, mini disc, etc.), release year, label, catalog number, music category, song titles, songwriters, producers, performers, musicians and engineers.My Music is ready to go to work for you immediately. No extensive Setup to have to do. Simply enter your locations and put a CD in your CD drive.My Music even enables you to store an image of the album cover, attach additional information to each track such as chord changes, key and credits; as well as add your own personal comments for albums and tracks.

Has anyone developed a script that will replicate the above process and import all available data to Music Library template?


Correction to above: MyMusic actually reads TOC from  inserted CD, extracts album & track data, inserts same into D/B,  then connectes to Gracenot's CDDC and downloads additional info  including reviews, cover art, etc, and inserts same into D/B. MyMusic  also provides extracts for reports, allows search & sort on various  fields, has a backup/restore function.

Data from vinyl, DVDs, etc can be inserted manually, of course.

I'm in need of script for FileMaker that will replicate as much of MyMusic's functionality as possible.