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    Need new FileMaker 6 Licenses



      Need new FileMaker 6 Licenses


      Hello - I have a client with quite a few users on an old .fm5 database - they are unwilling to upgrade all the users to FM11, but they need a few more seats.  How do I buy five copies of FM6?




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          They are not willing to upgrade but are willing to purchase extra seats for FM v.6? This doesn't make a lot of sense as I'm sure you know. I doubt FM Inc. is selling version 6 anymore. In any case you need to contact Filemaker directly.



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            They have an old database that has a whole bunch of periodic users across an huge agency and they don't want to bother updating some 50 licenses for this little database.  So, buying a few seats is the easier route.  Thanks, Don

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              Thanks for your post.


              FileMaker Inc. is no longer selling or generating new licenses for version 6 as support was ended for that version some years ago. Also they will eventually need to update to a newer version as FileMaker 6 is not tested or certified on newer versions of the Windows and Mac operating systems. If they move to Windows vista or higher, or Mac 10.5 or higher, it is not unheard of for FM 7 and earlier to be uninstallable, and even then they may have performance issues that could render them unusable. It is strongly recommened that in order to keep using the database that you update to a higher version.


              Having said this, the only resource for getting new copies of FMP 6 would be third party reselers, including e-bay or Amazon.



              FileMaker Inc.

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                Thanks for the info - I needed a definative answer to give them the goose they need to update.




                -- Don