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    Need New Window - Login Help



      Need New Window - Login Help


           My app automatically logs in as guest which has access to all Retail pricing.  I have a hidden button that does a relogin and with the right account entry gives you access to Wholesale pricing.  I have  a New Window button on the layout as well.  If the user decides to Open a new window and relog in to get to the other pricing info I'm afraid there will be too much confusion about wether the user is looking at retail or wholesale.  Is there a way to disable the relogin on the layout once you have logged in which would make the user log out and then relogin???

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               I think you mean that you want to allow a user to click the re-log in button only once?

               If so, that can be done by setting a value in either a global field or a global variable the first time that the script is performed. The script can check the value in this field or variable and exit without doing anything (except maybe displaying a message in a dialog) if there is already a value in this field or variable.

               A conditional format can even be used with this field or variable to give the re-login button a "disabled" look or you can make the button disappear.