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Need Print Script Help

Question asked by brianquillin on Aug 14, 2011


Need Print Script Help


I have one script for printing Receipts and another script for printing a set of related contact/customer records who are assigned one Member/salesperson.

After I run one script, the default print setting stays on the last selected option of "Records Being Browsed" OR "Current Record".

How can I force only the "Current Record" option for the Print Receipt script and the "Records Being Browsed" option for the Print Contact Records?

Also, related question: In Manage Scripts, if I try to specify "Print []" - it automatically puts MY printer's name in the script.  What would happen for someone accessing the file remotely and they select print.  Will the script require FM to look for MY printer?  I want it to look for their default printer.

Thanks in advance...

@PhilModJunk - if you see this, the Script Debugger is my NEW BEST FRIEND (and probably yours too since I'm posting a little less often :)