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need quick advice on linking tables

Question asked by GenaKaboulov on Dec 28, 2012
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need quick advice on linking tables


     I would search this but it needs to be done quickly and I am a beginner, so I would greatly appreciate some input. I have a table of records that is currently accessible to the Admin, Guest, and a couple users with various privileges. I need to create another table that is similar to the original one but only shows some of the fields in the original table. Only this table will be accessible by one of the users and not the original table. I need to have a checkbox in the original table that users with the read/write privilege set can check or uncheck. If the record is "checked", I need to have this record show up in the second table that will be available to the user with access to only that table (read only). So, basically, users with read/write privileges and/or the Admin can select which records to display to the account that only sees the limited table. Is this the best way to do it or is there an easier way, and can somebody give me a general quick walkthrough?


     Again, I greatly appreciate any help on this.