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Need Re-login to Re-negotiate external data source authentication

Question asked by BBtops on Jan 10, 2012


Need Re-login to Re-negotiate external data source authentication


I'm trying to setup a separate IWP database file (let's call it #1) that accesses data from another .fp7 file (#2). I'm doing this to try and add a layer of security and keep things clean in our primary database, but yet pull information from database #2 into #1.

I want to give customers the ability to log into file #1 using a guest account, then after they enter their user credentials that matches a table in database #1, the re-login script is called, re-logging them into an account that matches the credentials in both files #1 and #2. Here's where the problem lies. After they log into database #1 the external data-source (file #2) doesn't recognize the account, and will not permit records to be viewed in file #1 (expected response). BUT, Even after the re-login script is called the records from file #2 are still not available and i get a <File Missing> error.

Any workarounds to this or a way to re-initiate the connection to another .fp7 file after the Relogin step is called?

Been banging my head on this for a while now....

Much Thanks!