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Need Relationship/Portal/Report Help

Question asked by MariaDacus on Mar 22, 2011
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Need Relationship/Portal/Report Help


Ok, I"ve already tried this solution two different ways and it's still not ideal for us.  I've searched for forum for help and made vast improvements, but I still can't wrap my mind around what I'm looking for.  I'll explain what I have need of. It's a little complex.  Feel free to give input into part of the problem or all of it.

We are a custom printing company.  Our four main areas of product include: awards, screen printing, embroidery, and retail/blank goods.  I currently have two "work orders" set up.  One for awards, one for everything else, called GARMENTS from here out (since they often overlap - this is working for us). On each GARMENTS work order, we have multiple products, each having multiple imprints. I have created a portal with line items for each garment product, this is working fine.

The first problem: submitting/viewing/organizing the imprints per each product is the issue. I currently have another portal with "line items" with each imprint.  This works for submitting/viewing, but not organizing.  I'm having difficulty connecting each imprint to the garments it goes with.

The second problem: department "reports".  We need to have one entry form for the salespeople, but separate "reports" for each department (screen printing, embroidery, etc.).  I currently have a solution that does this, but it's not the best (clicking on view related records is not functioning properly)

What I want: The most ideal solution (which I'm still working on myself).  Is to have a buttton on each garment line in the portal which will open a separate window (side bar, like a help screen - I know how to make this part happen).  The button will have a script that will either open a new imprint window OR the existing imprint window if there is one. Then, this window will have to allow for multiple imprints (I'm thinking a portal).  The part I'm struggling with in this solution is how to set up the relationships/tables/fields so that each "imprint window" will be connected to the garment and the script will recognize "new" or "existing".

Any help you can give is much appreciated. I can upload screen shots if needed.