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    Need report option for portals



      Need report option for portals


       FileMaker must improve multi-table reports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          There are report options for portals. They don't work for evry situation, but do work for many. What specific issue with your report are you dealing with?

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             variable row quantity based on found set with auto report vertical spacing.

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              You must think you're going to be billed by the word or something. Wink "Based on found set" could be read several different ways.

              Take a look at the invoices starter solution or the following demo file that was created and uploaded by Comment. Both handle printing variable row quantities quite smoothly by printing the report from a layout based on the portal table and fields added from the parent table to the header, footer or grand summary parts of the layout. This method is quite simple and flexible to set up.


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                 Had shoulder surgery yesterday,  Hurts to type.

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                   Your simple solution is fine for simple.  It dose not work for complicated.  I need a report that has sections for many different elements that require mixed text and info in many formats, some as a form type and some as a table type.  I can do it easily in Crystal reports or Infomaker, but cannot get there from FileMaker.  Send me a way to send you a copy and I will do this so that you may better understand.  Hope this is adequate wording. gordona@visionconsultants.com

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                    I understand that typing hurts, but posting a complaint that does not spell out the full scope of the issue is suffering the pain of typing for nothing on your part and leaves anyone reading your post at a loss on how to respond.

                    This is a long standing limitation to how FileMaker works and I did point out that this method does not work in all situations. It does work for linear, one to many chains of related table occurrences, but not when they branch into nonlinear patterns. Sometimes large portals to selected table occurrencs with a sliding option can be used to get the report to work and sometimes you have to script a process that merges the data from multiple tables into a report table that is then used for reporting purposes. Depending on the needs of your report and the structure of your tables, this layout can be simple or dismayingly complex and difficult to maintain.

                    If memory serves, we've previously discussed this.

                    I suggest waiting until you can type with less discomfort and then posting a feature request to FileMaker's Feature Suggestion Form.

                    Please try to layout exactly why this is important as such a 'sales pitch' may make your suggestion more effective.

                    Obviously, many people post suggestions and only a few get implemented, but if we don't use the methods they've set up for processing feature requests, we handicap the effectiveness of such feedback.

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                       sorry for your pain.


                      I have posted a feature request long ago and received no reply.  If this has been bad for years, does FileMaker not listen to the user base?  Also, sorry you appear so unhappy with my post.  I will try for greater perfection in my next 70 years.

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                        I'm not at all unhappy with your post, just hate to see you go to the trouble of posting something that needs so much additional explanation when it's painful for you to do so. A quick brief sentence here won't accomplish anything as readers won't know what you are taking about--that seems a waste of your time and needless aggravation of your shoulder. Your original post opened the door for a discussion of possible solutions to the problem and you are posting to a section of this forum intended for helping people use FileMaker more effectively. There's a feedback section for posting feedback and the suggestion form for suggesting new features.

                        I have posted a feature request long ago and received no reply.

                        It's very rare to get a reply when you post a suggestion. (I've gotten exactly one such reply and have never heard of others getting even one.) That doesn't mean that they aren't listening.

                        I'm sure they get a very large number of suggestions and they'll never implement all of the suggestions made, nor does anyone promise that our suggestions will be implemented or even considered, but if we don't at least make the effort to get the suggestion to the correct audience, we are typing keys for nothing--Something that would seem to be especially painful for you at the moment. Wink