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Need Script for finding "Max Date"???

Question asked by kitt316 on Apr 14, 2011
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Need Script for finding "Max Date"???


Ok, I'm still quite new to scripting and programing Filemaker, but I'm hoping you guys can give me some help. I have a database that has all my part numbers in it. Within it is a portal that pulls all the info on when the part was made, who it was made for, job number, po number, etc. What I'm looking to do is quickly find all parts that haven't been made in say 7 years, and create a list. Can someone help me find the easiest way to do this? If I look for specific dates, it still comes up with the newer ones, because that date range falls in there, but it isn't "maxing" it. Like the part has been used again since then, but it still displays. Thank you!!! -Matt