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Need Script help

Question asked by RobertA on Dec 12, 2011
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Need Script help


Hey guys!

new to the forum and a novice at filemaker pro 11.  Currently, I am atempting to create a script that will allow me to acheive a summary of total results while excluding repeating data points. 

For example, I have a barrel with alot of items inside of it that are taged individually.  On each one of those individually tagged items are associated codes unique to that item.  The script that I am attempting to write sums up all the unique codes while excluding repeats to acheive a results summary page of codes per barrel. 

I know that this should be an easy loop script with if, then tests, but am unfamiliar with scripting and new to how filemaker uses script.  can anyone possibly help me out with this, or does anyone have a script in their toolbox from a previous database that does may be a script that alot of people use (ie. basic script). 

here is what i have so far...

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If (Waste tags::waste code 1  &  If ( Waste tags::waste code 2  ≠ Waste tags::waste code 1 ; Waste tags::waste code 2 ; " ")  &  If (Waste tags::waste code 3 ≠ Waste tags::waste code 1 & Waste tags::waste code 3 ≠ Waste tags::waste code 2; Waste tags::waste code 3; " ") & If (Waste tags::waste code 4 ≠ Waste tags::waste code 1 & Waste tags::waste code 4 ≠ Waste tags::waste code 2 & Waste tags::waste code 4  ≠ Waste tags::waste code 3; Waste tags::waste code 4 ; " ")

End If


End Loop

The "if" statment that I use does what I ask, but only for a single can I get the script to loop through each tag within the Drum and check the codes to see if their are repeats and exclude repeats and only populate the new codes. 


Thank you all for your time and efforts, i really appreciate the help!