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Question asked by LASLF on Jan 23, 2012
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Need Script Help


I have two tables:  Tracker - to track items we are collecting data for;  and Data Worksheet - to enter the data on.  They are related by an item number.

When we start working on a new item, we add a record to the tracker to monitor its progress through our process.  We also create a record on the data worksheet to fill in as we collect data for the item.  We switch between these layouts numerous times through the research process.

I would like to set up a button on the Tracker layout to go to the corresponding record on the Data Worksheet layout, and to create a new record in the Data Worksheet layout if one doesn’t already exist.  I already have a button that will take me from the Data Worksheet layout back to the tracker.

Don’t know how to write the [conditional] script.  Can someone help?  Thanks!!