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Need script help

Question asked by geoffeddie on Nov 19, 2012
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Need script help



     Hello All!


     I have a roll-stock printing database in which I want to create a set of unique records based on a set or "How Many To Create" button which would be how many rolls can be cut from a larger "Parent Roll."

     The reason for the mass replication is to save time when in the production environment, the operator does not have time to create a single Child record from each Parent even with an Auto-Enter present. 


     For Example:

     1. Parent Roll can be cut down to 4 Children Rolls so the "4" value would be entered into the "How Many To Create Field"

     2. Information (traceability info, paper lot numbers and such) is entered into the first set row which is then copied down by whatever the value is in the "How Many To Create Field"

     3. The replication is continued until the information is changed in the row.



     It is troubling me on how to write this script.

     Any help is appreciated.