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    Need Script Help for 'Insert Audio/Video'



      Need Script Help for 'Insert Audio/Video'


      Here is the script I am trying to use to automatically find an MP3 and insert it into my container field.  The problem is it always brings up the directory of the MP3's and the 'Show' is set to Video.  Is there a way to make this run without intervention?

      Set Variable [$Number: Value:Owned_Music_Library::Dubbed_Media#]

      Set Field [Owned_Music_Library::Medium; "Diamond Disc"]

      Set Variable [$path; Value:"moviemac:/Macintosh HD/Users/jdhelle/Music/Edison Cylinders/"]

      Set Variable [$combine; Value:$path & $number & ".mp3"]

      Go to Field [Owned_Music_Library::Play_Recording]

      Insert Audio/Video [$combine]

      I used to use this script with 'Insert File' rather than 'Insert Audio/Video' and it worked fine.