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need script to autosave and name .pdf reports

Question asked by EricaJackson on Sep 24, 2012
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need script to autosave and name .pdf reports



     I can’t seem to master the script writing task. I need a script that would

     1) take me from the main layout to the report,

     2) save the current record as a .pdf to a desktop filefolder  (name to match the date of visit)

     would it be possible to only save the pages of the report that contain data in the body of the report? I have several sliding text fields so the format is 8 pages long but usually need only 4 condensed pages to actually print)

     3) automatically name the pdf with the client’s name and date of the visit

     I have the parent table as the Client table and then have a one to many with the Visit Table

     Thanks for this help and all of the help on previous posts!