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Need script to evaluate most current date

Question asked by RobertaKeller on Apr 23, 2014
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Need script to evaluate most current date


     We have a solution setup for housing our campus policy statements. There is a table for the policy statement data and another associated table called PolicyUpdate for maintaining annual review details and date. Each policy statement will have multiple rows of data in the PolicyUpdate table corresponding with each annual review.  Ive created a button for the user to bring back a list of policy statements that are due for review when the last review was over a year ago.    

     The below brings back the list, however, it evaluates against all dates within the details and i only want it to evaluate against the most current entry.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

     Go to Layout ["Policies Due for Updates" (Policy)]

     Enter Find Mode[]

     Set Field [PolicyUpdates::Date; "<" & Get (CurrentDate) - 365]

     Set Error Capture[On]

     Perform Find []