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need set field help in FMP 10 Advanced

Question asked by dmusicfiler on Aug 20, 2011
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need set field help in FMP 10 Advanced


Re-edited Sunday night:

I have a table that tracks songs in a list. Each year, the list gets updated once in the fall semester. To create about 100 new records in the table, I have created a layout for entering the new songs, using a portal to a second occurrence of the table related with a key that is a concatenated year and month so that only the new list for the year being entered will show.

The image attached shows a script to create new records using a global number for the number of new records. In the script, I made all the references to fields based on a duplicate occurrence of the table, but maybe that doesn't matter? 

The records do get created by the script and show up in the portal, but none of the set field data works.

I cannot get set field to work using "set field", "set field by name", or even by "set variable", then setting a field to that variable in the new record. Should I revert to cutting and pasting? I wanted to avoid it and the layout switching that involves.

All fields are matched by text or number type.

Maybe I don't know how to specify set field info properly?

1. When clicking on specifying a field, is that just the name of the field or a calculation for defining the field or both?

2. Is the calculation below it just for calculating the value?

3. Does repetition only refer to deriving data from repeating fields?

4. I tried replacing the default "1" with a calculated value. Is that wrong?

5. Do I need to add steps to enter the fields first before setting the field?

6. Is there something I need to know about making multiple set fields in one loop of the script?

7. Would it work better to concatenate the data from multiple fields and then parse that into the new fields?

8. Does set field not work on a self-join?

What am I missing? Is there someone that can help me understand how to correctly set fields? I have looked at other entries in the forums but none of them are specific as to exactly what to click on and what to enter.

Thanks very much.