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Need to upgrade from Bento?

Question asked by JimW on Sep 16, 2009
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Need to upgrade from Bento?


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Hello –


I have been working with the trial version of Bento forthree days putting together a little system for myself. I am very happy withBento and especially it’s companion for the iPhone. I have not done anydatabase work since the early 90s when I had Macs using FileMaker Pro. Now thatI am in the process of migrating back to Macs, it’s great to see a familiarface once againJ


Through the evolution of my three day old project, I thinkthe next feature I wish to incorporate into my database may be a littlechallenging to do, if not beyond the scope of Bento. Assuming that it is, I wouldlike to make certain FileMaker can do it before I decide to migrate toFileMaker Pro 10.


This is what I would like to do:


I have five fields:




Cost 1

Cost 2

Cost 3


I would like to make a 6th field:


Lowest cost:


This field would take a Products’ minimum associated costand place it in this field.


Then a 7th would be created:


Name of Lowest Cost:   


This field would return the field name that the lowest  cost came from.


Lastly an 8th Field would be created:


Manufacturer with Lowest Cost:


This would return the name field of the manufacturer fromwhich that lowest cost came from.


I would then be able to have an area on my form that wouldautomatically show me what manufacturer has the lowest price for a particular product andin what cost category.


If there is as place, orif there are places in the online User’s Guide for FileMaker Pro 10 that wouldexplain how to accomplish this, I would appreciate any pointers you may offer.


Thank you,




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