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Need Upgrade Path from FMP 5.5v2 to ????

Question asked by PaulineGuillermo on Apr 23, 2011
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Need Upgrade Path from FMP 5.5v2 to ????



I need to find an upgrade path from FMP 5.5 to whatever version will keep my relational data intact.

I have several databases interrelated and am using "portal" fields to show data.

For example, my birding data breaks down thus: ABA db gets AOU db for english names and scientific names (and I add/change serial numbers as needed to keep the list in Taxonomic Order), ABA db gets 6-Letter Code db for 6-letter codes, and my Observations db gets info from the other databases. Under each record (1 record per bird) in the ABA db I have a portal field that lists every observation of that bird (from the Observations db).

FMP 5.5 has been working rather well in Snow Leopard, but will not be workable in Lion.

Only beefs right now is lack of scrolling in windows, no URL opening or mailtos, and publishing an online database with this version is not possible under Mac OSX.

Are there any tips anyone can give me?