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    Needing help



      Needing help


      I am really new to FM pro I am trying to make a database for my Church's food pantry one thing I need to do is have it show when they last time a person came for food by date and have a list of all other dates they came so I guess what I need is when I pull up there record and change the date I need it to go to a list of dates for that record hope someone can understand what I am meaning hard to explain.


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          I would not suggest "changing the date", but rather creating a new record each time that a person comes to your food pantry. Use two tables linked in a relationship:


          Recipients::__pkRecipientID = Visits::_fkRecipientID

          A portal to Visits on the recipient layout can show each time that person has come to the pantry and it can be sorted in descending order by the date to show the most recent visit at the top of the portal.