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Needing to know if... Is possible.

Question asked by LinseyPowers on Oct 23, 2013
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Needing to know if... Is possible.


     I am currently working on a project where I am combining our companies FileMaker Pro database with our documents. We currently have FileMaker Pro 11; I am working on the project in 12; and we use Mac platform computers. 

     We are a service provider. Each file record (customer) that we have, we have multiple documents relating to their file (i.e. deeds, affidavits, settlement statements, title commitment, and title policies). We currently draft all of our documents in Word and Excel. Therefore, we input all of our customer information into the file database and then repetitively into each document. 

     I have begun to create a new file database with multiple layouts (one for the file database, one for Warranty Deed, one for Settlement Statement, one for each affidavit, one for commitment and one for policy). This will allow our customer information to flow into each document after being input into the file database.

     However, I am beginning to wonder if I am going to be able to do certain things and do not want to waste a lot of research time, if I am going to end up coming to the conclusions that what I am needing to do is not possible. So I hope it is okay for me to ask here.... 

     First, after the database (with all the layouts) are created, we need to be able to input text (numbered items) into the commitment and policy layouts. Every record will have different information. Sometime this will entail one or two items, but sometimes upwards of 20 or more. Therefore, sometimes our documents are 3 pages and sometimes they are 7 or 8. Is this going to be possible (if I am clear enough)?

     Second, some of our documents are on letter size paper, while some are on legal size paper. Therefore, is it possible to have different page settings (page sizes) for different layouts? 

     I think those are my biggest concerns. I am not sure that I am doing this in a sufficient way. However, I had many people tell me that I can do what I am needing within Microsoft Access, so I figure I should be able to do the same in FileMaker. Also, I originally wanted to integrate our filemaker database with our word and excel documents, but I could not find out how to make specific record information go into specific documents within our file tree files (does that make sense?) All I could find what mail merging information. 

     Basically, I would just like some guidance. Thank you.