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needs help troubleshooting / debugging

Question asked by Bzhu on Nov 25, 2014
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needs help troubleshooting / debugging



I'm using FMPro 11.

I'm trying to call a script from within a loop. The purpose of the loop is to find the next 5 upcoming Tuesdays and Fridays from a date the user entered, or today's date if not entered. The loop logic works. I am able to populate two repeating fields (futureTuesdays[5], futureFridays[5])

Now I wanted to add to the logic to get a count of how many people are scheduled on those dates. (via subscript to another layout). it's has as parameter, the futuredates that my loop determined. Then it'll perform a find based on that date. It will exit script (get(foundcount)). But I ended up with what looks like an infinite loop, trying to do the find. Hopefully the screen shot will help you determine where I went wrong.

Please help.