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Nested conditional value list

Question asked by PROFT on Dec 29, 2009
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Nested conditional value list


I'm trying to construct a database to use with an index I'm creating.  There are other fields but the relevant ones for this question are Book, Chapter and Verse.  


I want the folks entering the data to be able to input the book and then the chapter and verse fields would be dynamic.  Given the selection of book, the pop up would have the correct chapters available for selection.  Then given the selection of book and chapter, the verse pop up would have the correct verses available for selection. 


I set tried to adapt the instructions found in the How to Create a Condition Value List (#5833) but am stuck on the second one.  I correctly get the first conditional list, the chapter listing.  The second one, the verses, however, displays all the verses and does not correctly limit based on the chapter.  


Any help would be appreciated!