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Nested Loop to create multiple records

Question asked by sccardais on Sep 9, 2014
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Nested Loop to create multiple records


Each month, we track 5 performance metrics for 7 versions of our product. We use a spreadsheet now but I'd like to move this to FileMaker. 

I would like to create a single data entry form in FMP (screenshot with sample data attached) to simplify this process. I'd like to create a script (AddMonthlyMetrics) that created 35 new records (7 versions * 5 metrics), populated the fields shown below and displayed the information in a grid structure similar to the screenshot.


  • Reporting Period = date (YYYY-MM)
  • Software_Version = v1, v2, ...v7
  • Metric = m1, m2, m3, m4, m5

After setting the Reporting Period to the same value for all 35 new records, I'm thinking I'll need a nested loop to step through setting the Version and Metrics for each new record.

Is this the best way to approach this or is there a better way to create this monthly data entry form in grid structure?

What script steps would be needed to step through all 35 combinations of version and metric?