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Nested popup menus in FMP12?

Question asked by pauhana658 on Nov 11, 2012
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Nested popup menus in FMP12?


     I think I already know the short answer to this question (no, or at least I can't find any reference to such), but the deep and broad talent displayed by posters in this forum in the past leads me to believe that somebody has already figured out how to do this.

     I have four forms - estimate, delivery, invoice, and envelope. Each of the first three forms can be printed, emailed, or saved as pdf. All four forms can be previewed. Currently, I have a single popup of custom values (see screenshot). It works, but it's a bit long and difficult to grasp. 

     I've also broken the list into four separate lists and associated each with a different popup on the layout. But that clutters the form with buttons and creates more complexity on the back-end with additional global fields and scripts to manage it all.

     I think a nested popup would be easier to use and grasp and would simplify the back-end coding. Ideally, it would look something like the following, with each of the four first-level values associated with their own Preview, Print, Email, and Save as PDF:

     Estimate --> Preview
                         Save as PDF
     Delivery -->
     Invoice -->
     Envelope -->

     The goal -- as always -- is to keep the interface clean and simple  for the wife. Any way to do this with nested popups?