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Nested portals in FM12?

Question asked by cresal on Oct 1, 2013
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Nested portals in FM12?


     So I've seen a lot of posts about how nested portals "don't work". I found these posts after I put a nested portal in a layout that I'm working on. I'm using FM12, and it seems to be giving me the information I want. What doesn't work about nested portals?


     My situation is that I have Items and Licenses. A license has a licensor, and can cover multiple items, so I also have a license association table. Annoyingly, an item might have multiple licenses associated with it. So I've got my tables set up as such: 

     Licensor --< License --< License association >-- item


     All my user's work happens from Items. What I'm trying to do is use portals to allow users to create and edit new licensors and licenses from the items layout. 


     I have a portal from items, showing license association records. From here a user can select/alter which license that association record matches. Within that portal I have another portal showing information from the related License - the information shown is the Licensor ID and name. A user can alter the licensor information on the license itself by selecting a different licensor from the dropdown in the selected portal. 

     This all seems to work as expected. I can add "Add New License" and "Add New Licensor" buttons with little pop up windows, as this will (hopefully) not happen often. 


     Is there something I'm missing here? Is there a deadly breakdown that I'm not recognizing?