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    nested quotes



      nested quotes


      I have some difficulty with this as well. they following method I have used to nest quotes. Notice doubling of quotes. 


      set contactlookup to \""&customers::contname&"\"¶ 

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          Thank you for your post.


          The doubling of quotes is necessary.  The backslash precedes the quote you want to display.  With any text string, you also need to surround the string with quotes.  Therefore, if you want to surround a Name field in quotes, the calculation would be:


          "\"" & Name & "\""


          Does that explanation make sense?



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            set contactlookup to: "\"" & customers::contname & "\"" & ¶


            If customers::contname = fclark this will write :


            "fclark" and a return.


            BTW: Using the functio: Quote ( ) is simpler:


            Quote ( customers::contname )  & ¶

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                 you may want to kill this thread. I had intended this to post to reply to a thread. I did repost there.
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                If you want to display a ContactName in quoute you set field will look like this


                Set Field [contactlookup] "\"customers::contname \""


                The first quote mark is negated by the back slash and the second to last quote mark is negated by the second back slash


                So in this case the result would be


                "Robert Scahub"


                If I have you right. But if you are setting a lookup field why do you need quote marks?