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    Nested scripts



      Nested scripts


           Is it possible to nest scrips..?

           I have loads of export scripts i'm trying to get into a drop down 'menu button'. but instead of rewritting all the scrips is it possible to reference the allready written scripts..?

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               It's done all the time. You have a script step: Perform Script that can be used in one script to perform a different script. And you can pass info from one script to another using a script parameter.

               And Perform Script can even perform a new instance of the script in which the perform script was placed--this is called recursion and is a different way to get things done in a loop.

               But the devil is in the details of what you want to do, some tasks can be successfully handled with generic subscripts to which data is passed by script parameter, variable or global field and others cannot be.

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                 ahhh that's the one - was looking for that. Thank you so much...