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Nested Sub-Summary Report unwanted Page Breaks / Blank Pages

Question asked by drewboyd on Mar 22, 2013
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Nested Sub-Summary Report unwanted Page Breaks / Blank Pages


     I have created a nested sub-summary report (2 levels) as shown in the screen shot below.  I have set the "allow part to break accross page boundries" for all parts including the Body, have made sure that there are no fields overlapping into other parts and set  sliding up based on  "All objects Above" including resize enclosing part for all objects in the report..

     The report goups and displays as expected in Browse Mode but when I go to Preview Mode a page break is inserted following each Sub-summary value for MEL EquipComp.

     Has anyone encountered this problem before? Does anyone have a solution?

     Any help would be much appreciated


     The MEA Comments field is considerably larger than in the screen shot (reduced for clarity) but I have exactly the same problem with the version shown in the screen shot.

     The layout is based on my ILST MTL MaintTask table with a relationship to ILS MEL Master Equipment List based on EquipID