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    Nested Tabs



      Nested Tabs


      Newbie Question : Is it possible to have a Tab within a Tab within a Tab ? And if yes, how do you keep them from all showing up on every level when you Save and Exit Layout edits ?

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          You can nest tab controls inside of another tab control.

          Since this puts the next set of tabs inside a specific tab of the first tab control, (Presumably the first or last tab), you normally would leave that tab as the selector to bring up the next row of tabs in your tab control.

          This is not difficult to set up. I suggest trying it out and doing some experiments with it to see how it works.

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            Hi PhilModjunk,

            I have done dozens of tries and no cigars.

            Can you take a look at the included Demo DB and tell me WHAT the Heck I'm doing wrong ? It must be a simple, stupid mistake that I keep repeating and .... I don't know !! 

            Opps.... I can't attach a file.


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              Never mind guys, I found the problem !!!

              The TABS were, ever so slightly, touching the Header part !!!